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Founder & Brand Story

Goddess Cosmetics All Natural Organic Cosmetics and Skincare For Women. Made In USA. Candace Chen.

Candace Chen, Chief Goddess

Goddess Cosmetics is the brain child of Candace Chen, an unabashedly girly girl and veteran of the automotive industry. As the rare female executive in a predominantly male industry, she has always embraced her femininity by opting for skirt suits over slacks and stilettos over flats. 

After nearly 20 years in the traditional automotive industry, she wanted to express her personal passion in couture and beauty through an ultra-feminine beauty brand, thus Goddess Cosmetics came into being with an eclectic collection of beauty, cosmetics and life style products fit for the Modern Goddess. 

Interestingly, when her male colleagues and friends heard that she was going into the beauty business, much to her surprise, they started asking her for skincare advice. These candid conversations led to her creating the male companion brand – FaceLube For Men