All Natural & Organic, High-End, Prestige: Difference?

100% All Natural & Organic Cosmetics

Non-GMO, gluten free, preservative free, vegan and cruelty-free. Quality Made in America from the purest naturally derived organic avocado, coconut, jojoba oils and cocoa, mango butters. An excellent alternative to chemically enhanced color cosmetics. Ideal for Goddesses with sensitive skin. 

100% All Natural & Organic Skincare

Authentic, pure & simple. The best natural & organic skincare Made in America with appreciation and respect for Mother Nature. Goddess Cosmetics products are formulated with industry leading wild crafted, organic and fair trade ingredients. Ideal for younger Goddesses and daily use for naturally beautiful, glowing skin.  

Available Spring 2018 

The 90/70 Collection: High-End Anti-Aging Skincare

Nature & Science: A Beautiful Partnership

Goddess Cosmetics High-End Anti-Aging Skincare adhere to The 90/70 Rule - Products in this collection are highly concentrated and made with high quality natural and organic based ingredients that are a minimum of 90% Naturally Derived and 70% Organic. The formulations work hand in hand with proven science-based anti-aging ingredients. For the Goddess who prefers to achieve beautiful skin through skincare made primarily from naturally derived ingredients and faster, visible results.  

Available Spring 2018    

Prestige Luxury Cosmetics & Skincare

Ultra Luxe Prestige Cosmetics

Traditional color cosmetics with a luxury feel, made in fully certified facilities in North America that cater exclusively to luxury department stores and high-end clientele. All Goddess Cosmetics make-up formulations are unique and made using premium grade color pigments and ingredients. Designed for women who appreciate the classics and only the highest quality cosmetics worthy of a Goddess… If you like your make-up authentic and effortless and believe that make-up should enhance a woman’s natural beauty rather than bury her under a cakey mess, you’ll like the look and feel of this collection. 


• Paraben Free • Hypo-Allergenic • Allergy Tested • Non-Comedogenic • Fragrance Free • Not Tested on Animals

Ultra Luxe Prestige Anti-Aging Skincare

Best In Class Anti-Aging Skincare For the Goddess who demands visible, sustainable results without controversial chemicals. Highly concentrated results-oriented anti-aging skincare delivers vibrant, beautiful results with a combination of natural super-botanicals, infused with the latest and most advanced Premium European and American Name Brand science-based anti-aging active ingredients in the highest OEM recommended concentrations. Made In USA. 


• No Controversial Chemicals • Paraben Free • Sulfate Free • Silicone/PEG Free • Fragrance Free